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The Age of our Times Comes in Black and White.

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Limi Feu

Limi Feu Spring 2010 RTW. Image from

Decked in effortless black and white is the way to go when I hit 49.  Limi Feu, I am on my way.

This is a raw afternoon. I need to trundle out of my bed and courier my fat ass to Ruby. Sometimes, I get hypnotise by the incessant beauty I find online that inertia becomes rather comfortable. My photos await me. Oh January, now that I am about to surrender to the thirtieth year of my life, you are ever so precious.

Andrew Bird, he comes knocking January 26. Chin up, J.  He will serenade us with urgent emotion and infinite love. Take heart.


Nothing but green lights

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We are a year and a day old. Sorted. 🙂


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And it made me wonder, is simple the new pretentious?

In the morning…

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“Please do not lock the door, I promise that I won’t ever touch your things, pack your room or even step into it, otherwise I’ll be eaten by the tiger,” she exclaimed.

I furrowed my brows and cocked my head. “This is the year of the tiger!” she added. That was rock solid words of gold from the mum. Priceless.

That said, theoretically we are still in the year of the cow, I think.